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Private Diplomatic Residence in Duesseldorf is seeking a part-time appointment (30 hrs. per week) for an exciting opportunity to prepare cuisines for events, luncheons, and dinners for a lead diplomat in Duesseldorf.  The employment relationship is for the express purpose of serving as Housekeeper/Chef to the diplomat for the duration of their assignment in Germany. Competitive compensation package! (EUR 33,964 per year)


This is a mixed position, which combines the duties of a Housekeeper with those of a Chef. Incumbent is responsible for the smooth operation of an official US government Residence assigned to the Consul General.


  • Housekeeper Duties: In close coordination with the principal officer or his/her designated representative, the incumbent of this mixed position is responsible for overseeing, managing and executing the operations of the Residence.
  • Acts as liaison between the Consulate’s Protocol Office, the Security Office and the Residence.
  • Works with the Consulate’s Protocol Office on guest lists and table seating arrangements.
  • Works with the Consulate’s Protocol Office concerning representational vouchers and ORE expenses - maintains expense ledgers, prepares representational vouchers and reconciles all-rep related costs for submission to the Consulate’s Protocol Office.
  • Cleans and maintains silverware, chinaware, glassware and brass.
  • Maintains inventory of representational wine, other beverages, china and cutlery.
  • Coordinates Residence repairs with the Consulate and coordinates the removal or reinstatement of furniture used for representation events and functions; also ordering additional household items (chinaware/glassware/silverware, etc.) and assist in purchasing cleaning and other supplies, as needed.
  • Answers the door and the telephone, and relays messages as required.
  • May be required to perform light gardening services.
  • Is responsible for general housekeeping duties such as: light cleaning and maintaining the principal officer’s residence in a proper and clean appearance; duties may include making beds, cleaning all rooms, hallways, and bathrooms; periodically washing windows and cleaning out closets; as needed; responsible for all laundry – washing, drying, and ironing, pressing tablecloths, linens and clothing.
  • Manages additional wait staff, whenever required.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Chef Duties:  In close coordination with the principal officer or his/her designated representative, the incumbent plans and executes menus for representational events held mainly in the official residence but also at the Consulate building.
  • Working within a budget, plans and prepares official meals for receptions, luncheons, and dinners ranging in size from two (2) to a large number of guests and presenting them in an elegant and representational manner.
  • Working within a budget, plans and prepares private meals for the Consul General and his/her family, consisting of up to three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
  • Responsible for food and beverage shopping.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and good sanitary practice in the kitchen and food storage areas.
  • Sets tables and serves private as well as official meals.
  • Stocks, prepares and serves beverages.

  • Professional job-related vocational training as cook and/or professional housekeeper (Hauswirtschafter/-in).
  • Work Experience: 1-2 years in a similar position in a private residence or in restaurants or hotels, including in training or apprenticeship status.
  • German language level 2 (limited working knowledge) required, preferred level 3 (good working knowledge).  English language level: basic. 
  • Abilities and Skills: Must be able to manage a medium sized residence, taking care of tasks to keep the house in representational order, including being versed in all areas of food and beverage serving and housekeeping. Incumbent must possess a high level of integrity, productivity, and flexibility.  Must be able to adapt or “upgrade” a private meal to an official one on short notice; should be flexible and knowledgeable of regional, and if possible, of American and ethnic cuisine; should be able to prepare meals in a set budget.  Discretion is an absolute must.
  • Must have the unrestricted legal right to live and work in Germany.

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